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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Queens of Germany?

A. Starting 2023, the Miss Supranational Germany Beauty Contest will be called Queens of Germany

Queens of Germany is run by The Queens' Camp, a Berlin-based organisation which is responsible for training, preparing and sending candidates to Miss Supranational, The Miss Globe and Miss Aura International. A generic name will allow The Queens' Camp to send more aspiring German women to compete in not just one, but more international competitions of quality and prestige. 

NEW ! ! In March 2024, The Queens' Camp has obtained the license for Miss International Germany and The Miss Globe TURKEY. 

Should you be interested in representing Turkey (either you are a passport holder or with a permanent resident permit), hit that APPLY button.

Q: Why should I join Queens of Germany 2025?

A: Because you can develop life skills such as interview skills, public speaking, interpersonal communication and social interaction among others. You can also find new interests and discover new opportunities. The moment you enter our competition, you start making lifelong friendships and relationships. We teach you to set goals, follow through and exceed your expectations. What is more, you develop a sense of responsibility for helping others. 

Q: Where do you send your national winners? 

A: Since 2021, we have been successfully sending our winners to Miss Supranational in Poland and The Miss Globe in Albania. In 2022, The Queens' Camp acquired Miss Aura International (in Turkey)  and Reina Hispanoamericana (in Bolivia) franchises. The year 2024 marks TQC's acquisition of Miss International franchise, the contest where our very own Jasmin Selberg won the title last December 2022. 

While we have a very good working relationship with all these well-established organisations, it is a practice in pageantry to "renew" the franchise annually. That means, if you are applying for 2025 edition of Queens of Germany, we (TQC) can only confirm our 2025 franchises between the last quarter of 2024 and first quarter of 2025. Either we keep them all, lose all, lose one, or gain one. 


Q. I do not have the typical beauty queen "size". Can I still join Queens of Germany

A.  Queens of Germany is a contest that lays so much emphasis on personality and hard-work. If you possess these two qualities, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Being a plus-size was, is and will never be a hindrance to becoming one of the Queens of Germany. In our contest, we embrace the REAL beauty inside you! 

Q. I stand below the minimum height requirement. Is that okay?

A. This is probably one of the common question we get from potential contestants. For instance, the Miss Supranational Organisation in Poland embraces diversity and starting 2022, it will accept petite contestants to join its prestigious contest. Here in Germany, the same rules apply. Sounds good, isn't it? 

Q. I was not born as a woman. Do I have a chance taking part in this contest?

A. Inclusivity is slowly taking place in many parts of the society and this is what we practice in Queens of Germany too. If gender reassignment surgery has been done and your travel documents show likewise, then hit that APPLY button. 

Q : Do you accept first-timers in beauty contests?

A : With or without experience, you can join for as long as the basic requirements are met. 

Q : What are the minimum requirements upon joining the contest?

A : Below are the basic requirements our potential candidates should meet. 

       (a) Be at least 18 years of age upon entering the national competition. A maximum age limit is currently set to 32 (if aiming for an international competition, otherwise 38). 

        (b) Be a German citizen OR should at least possess a residence permit in Germany. 

        (c) Meet character criteria as set forth by the Queens of Germany Organisation.

        (d) Be in reasonably good physical and mental health.

Q : I joined a beauty contest in the past. Would you allow me to join Queens of Germany

A : For as long as there is no more conflict of interest between the pageant organisation you have worked with in the past, then let's do it! We reserve the right to ask our potential candidates to provide us a document  of "release" when the competition in the past is within the last 18 months. 

Q : Do you provide trainings?

A : We live up to our motto, "Preparation is the key". We assure that each official contestant of Queens of Germany obtains an adequate amount of physical and mental training prior to the coronation night. The official winners together are entitled to various rigorous training, leading to the world finals of their respective competitions.  

Q : Would you require a certain level of English for the competition?

A : While language skills are not the focus of this contest, it is of great advantage when a contestant can easily express her thoughts and feelings in a foreign language, especially English. The winners of Queens of Germany will be sent abroad where numerous accomplished young women are competing, therefore communication skills can indeed help. 

Q : What has Queens of Germany Beauty Contest different to offer?

A : Queens of Germany sets itself apart from other national contest through its Community Project. Each contestant is required to submit a project proposal which targets a specific group of the society. A considerable weight is put on this project when we select our national winner.

Q : What are the privileges upon winning the Queens of Germany title ?

A : If you become one of the Queens of Germany, you are  entitled to represent Germany in the world finals of Miss Supranational in Poland, The Miss Globe in Albania or Miss Aura International in Turkey. These lucky women will walk on stage to be seen in more than 140 countries worldwide. A wardrobe sufficient and appropriate for the entire duration of the competition will be provided. This includes cocktail dresses, rehearsal outfits, a set of swimwear and designer long gowns. A series of photo and video shooting, both domestic and abroad await the potential winners. 

Q. Does Germany have a good chance winning a competition like Miss Supranational, The Miss Globe or Miss Aura International nowadays?

A. Since Miss Supra's inception in 2009, no German delegate has won the elusive Miss Supra crown. To make it sound less romantic, no German contestant has penetrated the Top 20 / Top 25. A contestant asked us this question and we can give you an answer. Almost all representatives in the past of Germany have bought the franchise for themselves. If there was an acting national director, the training and preparation part was clearly neglected, leading to Germany's non-placement in the competition's history. But The Queens' Camp enters the scene and we are here to fill the gap. As a start-up beauty school, we dedicate our time to train and prepare Germany's representatives to Miss Supranational in the future. With Germany's stunning and well-educated women plus the training and preparation provided by The Queens' Camp, Germany should level up their game in the pageant industry. 

Q: When and where is Queens of Germany 2025 taking place? 

A: The coronation night is going to take place on 25 January 2025 in the thriving Germany's capital: Berlin. 

Q: Are there any costs in joining the contests?

A: In 2024, we introduced a "downpayment scheme" and there was a 0% drop-out rate among the confirmed contestants. This success helped The Queens Camp implement their plans more efficiently and produced a show of a much larger scale. We are dedicated to upgrade our event year after year, and this means that the staff helping us should be now rewarded for their loyalty, dedication let alone the quality of their work and service they are providing us since the very beginning. 

For the 2025 edition of Queens of Germany, we are implementing a registration fee amounting to 300€ that can be paid in two instalments. This will provide the contestants makeup services for both the photoshoot and coronation night, two free tickets for the show and the licence to use the photos from the official photoshoot. Moreover, the contestants are to be trained on a weekend in Berlin prior to the show.  

Q: Are there events prior to the coronation night?

A: Indeed! If you are interested in joining in the competition, make sure that you are willing to dedicate at least two weekends for Berlin. The first weekend is the obligatory  photo and video shoot and this is planned towards beginning of November.  The second weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) will be for rehearsals, fittings and the coronation night. 

Q: How can I proceed with my application? 

A: You can submit your electronic application via our website. You can find the form by:

(1) Going to The Queens Camp Official Website and choosing the APPLY button. Alternatively, you can click this link:

(2) You provide the necessary information. Ensure that you have 10 to 15 minutes for filling in the online form. 

(3) Double check the information you have entered before hitting the " Send / Absenden " button.  

(4) A staff should get back to you within the next 14 days. Should you not hear it from us, you can follow-up your application by sending an email at


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