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Queens of Germany 2024 Coronation Night

16 March 2024

Coronation Night of Queens of Germany 2024
Coronation Night of Queens of Germany 2024
Coronation Night of Queens of Germany 2024
Coronation Night of Queens of Germany 2024
Coronation Night of Queens of Germany 2024
Coronation Night of Queens of Germany 2024
Coronation Night of Queens of Germany 2024
Coronation Night of Queens of Germany 2024
Coronation Night of Queens of Germany 2024
Coronation Night of Queens of Germany 2024
Coronation Night of Queens of Germany 2024
Coronation Night of Queens of Germany 2024
Coronation Night of Queens of Germany 2024
Coronation Night of Queens of Germany 2024
Coronation Night of Queens of Germany 2024
Coronation Night of Queens of Germany 2024
Coronation Night of Queens of Germany 2024
Coronation Night of Queens of Germany 2024
Coronation Night of Queens of Germany 2024
Coronation Night of Queens of Germany 2024
Coronation Night of Queens of Germany 2024
Coronation Night of Queens of Germany 2024
Coronation Night of Queens of Germany 2024
Coronation Night of Queens of Germany 2024
Coronation Night of Queens of Germany 2024
Coronation Night of Queens of Germany 2024
Coronation Night of Queens of Germany 2024
Coronation Night of Queens of Germany 2024
Coronation Night of Queens of Germany 2024
Coronation Night of Queens of Germany 2024


El Sol Restaurant Welcomes the Contestants 
13 March 2024

El Sol Tapas-Bar & Restaurant - Sponsor Visit
El Sol Tapas-Bar & Restaurant - Sponsor Visit
El Sol Tapas-Bar & Restaurant - Sponsor Visit
El Sol Tapas-Bar & Restaurant - Sponsor Visit
El Sol Tapas-Bar & Restaurant - Sponsor Visit
El Sol Tapas-Bar & Restaurant - Sponsor Visit
El Sol Tapas-Bar & Restaurant - Sponsor Visit
El Sol Tapas-Bar & Restaurant - Sponsor Visit
El Sol Tapas-Bar & Restaurant - Sponsor Visit
El Sol Tapas-Bar & Restaurant - Sponsor Visit
El Sol Tapas-Bar & Restaurant - Sponsor Visit
El Sol Tapas-Bar & Restaurant - Sponsor Visit

Queens of Germany 2024 kicks off

13 March 2024

Alyssa Djobo
Alyssa Djobo
Stella Kreuzer
Stella Kreuzer
Resma Maharjan
Resma Maharjan
Candy Vicente
Candy Vicente
Panel of Judges - Interview
Panel of Judges - Interview
The Official Candidates of Queens of Germany 2024
The Official Candidates of Queens of Germany 2024
The Official Contestants of Queens of Germany 2024
The Official Contestants of Queens of Germany 2024

Mrs Germany is Mrs World ! 

22 January 2024 

𝙈𝙧𝙨 𝙂𝙚𝙧𝙢𝙖𝙣𝙮 𝙞𝙨 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙣𝙚𝙬 𝙈𝙧𝙨 𝙒𝙤𝙧𝙡𝙙! Dr. Julia Schnelle, 38 from Kassel was crowned Mrs World at the annual Mrs World pageant held last Sunday, January 21, 2024 at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. She bested 37 well-accomplished married women across the world.

Julia Schnelle is a board-certified medical doctor in the field of child and adolescent psychiatry who is currently on maternal leave. She is a proud mother of two children. Her platform for animal assisted therapy is the combination of professional work with families and therapy. Last year, Julia was able to raise $800,000 with her non-profit Island Dolphin Care in Florida. The goal is to make psychotherapy more approachable and lower the threshold of seeking help with mental health issues. [Text from Mrs World Official Statement]



Julia was mentored by Filipino Berlin-based camp who also trained and prepared Jasmin Selberg(Miss International 2022): The Queens Camp. Her winning gown is from the same designer as Jasmin, Benj Leguiab IV .

[All images were grabbed from Mrs World IG account]

Congratulations Julia! TQC has its second crown! 

The Miss Globe 2023 Winners

(from left to right)

Miss USA, Kirstin Bangs - 4th Runner-up
Miss Spain, Katia Rodriquez - 1st Runner-up
Miss Malaysia, Manvin Khera - WINNER
Miss Philippines, Anna Valencia Lakrini - 2nd Runner-up
Miss Nigeria, Duru Esther Chidera - 3rd Runner-Up

Germany's very own, Olha Shcherbaniuk bagged the "Miss Tourism" special Award.

 She also advanced in the Finals of Miss Talent and "Head to Head Challenge". Your TQC Family is so proud of you!

Miss Aura International is Miss Thailand

Germany's representative, Denisse Nicolle Ligpitan won a major sponsor award "Miss Rixos Sungate". She also entered the Finals of "Miss Intelligence", "Talent Competition" and the TOP 20. Another milestone for TQC!

 Congratulations, Denisse!

Miss Supranational 2023 is Miss Ecuador. Congratulations! 

Miss Supranational 2023 was the 14th edition of the Miss Supranational pageant, held on 14 July 2023 at Strzelecki Park Amphitheater, Nowy Sącz, Małopolska, Poland. Lalela Mswane of South Africa, crowned her successor, Andrea Aguilera of Ecuador, at the end of the event.

New Contest, New Set of Queens for Germany

 12 February 2023

 Germany’s  new beauty contest, Queens of Germany took place in the German capital of Berlin last 11 February. Sixteen well-accomplished women from all corners of the country competed in the contest.

Maria Ignat was selected as Germany’s representative to the 14th edition of Miss Supranational which is set to take place this summer in Poland. Ignat, a 24-year-old law student from Frankfurt, speaks English, German, French, Romanian and Russian.

I did not expect to win as this is my first beauty contest and I have no expectations at all. My only goal was to give my very best as I am a perfectionist,” said Ignat.

My aim is to prove myself that I can do everything, where ever I put my mind into. It’s a sign that through motivation and desire, we can achieve every goal we set for ourselves. I hope that this can motivate young women to believe in themselves and try something new, leave their comfort zones,” Ignat added.

Ignat was crowned together with Cassandra Serdan, a transwoman who grabbed the title Queen of Germany 2023. Completing Serdan’s court is Fatemeh Malekian and Sieglinde Lampe (1st and 2nd RU respectively). In the same night, The Miss Globe Germany and Miss Aura Germany were also named. They are Olha Shcherbaniuk and Denisse Nicolle Ligpitan.

In a country where beauty contests are seen as second-class entertainment, The Queens Camp (TQC) is slowly putting back Germany on the pageant map. With Jasmin Selberg‘s winning in Miss International last December, TQC has proven that their training and preparation for its new generation of German Queens can indeed generate desirable results. TQC sent Selberg to The Miss Globe in 2021, to Miss Supranational in 2022 and prepared her wardrobe and provide further training for Miss International. Germany bagged a major crown after 33 years.

 Queens of Germany 2023

  Miss Germany wins Miss International 2022

13 December 2022

The Queens' Camp's (TQC) very own, Jasmin Selberg won the 60th edition of Miss International which took place in Tokyo, Japan on 13 December. Selberg bested the representatives of 66 countries after more than two weeks of competition full of fun and memorable moments. 

Stephany Amado of Cape Verde finished as 1st runner-up, Tatiana Calmell of Peru is 2nd runner-up. Both Natalia Lopez of Colombia and Celinee Santos of Dominican Republic finished 3rd and 4th runner-ups respectively. The 2019 winner from Thailand, Sireethorn Leearamwat ended her reign that night, after 2 years of no competition due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Germany bagged its third Miss International crown after waiting for 33 years. Ingrid Finger won in 1965 and Iris Klein was crowned in 1989. Miss International is considered as the third most significant beauty contest  by pageant aficionados. Selberg was sent by her Dutch National Directors and extensively prepared and supported by her TQC family. 



 Images by Missosology




Anabel Payano of Dominican Republic is The Miss Globe 2022

16 October 2022



 Photo courtesy of "The Miss Globe Beauty Pageant" Facebook Page

Dominican Republic's Anabel Payano bested 48 candidates in the recently held Albanian-based contest: The Miss Globe 2022. Her model-like figure impressed the judges and organisers, leaving other favourites such as Miss United Arab Emirates (1st Runner-up), Miss Albania (2nd Runner-up), Miss Thailand (3rd Runner-up) and Miss Vietnam (4th Runner-up).

The colourful coronation night was attended by local celebrities, national directors and two queens: Maureen Montagne of the Philippines (2021) and Kosovo's Lorinda Kolgeci.  

The Miss Globe is produced by Deliart Association headed by Petri Bozo and was held this year in Opera & Ballet Theater in the Albanian capital, Tirana. 


The Austrian franchise of The Miss Globe has been awarded to The Queens' Camp




 Miss Aura International 2022 has been named

24 September 2022



Photos courtesy of Pawee Ventura of Missosology

Indonesia's Riskyana Hidayat emerged as the most beautiful in the recently concluded Miss Aura International 2022 at Rixos Sungate resort in Antalya, Turkey last 24 September 2022. Hidayat bested 34 other stunning women from all over the planet. Nanette Indriago of Venezuela finished as 1st runner-up while Ukraine's Yulia Dashkovskaya was named as 2nd runner-up. Miss Romania, Miruna Doldor bagged the 3rd runner-up sash, let alone the Miss Bikini Award and Miss Bulgaria, Carina Proscurnea secured the 4th runner-up placement. 

Germany's very own, Helena Bleicher finished in the Top 10 and bringing home a major sponsor award: Miss Anex. Anex Tours is the company which organised the tours showing the beauty of Turkey during the contest. Your The Queens' Camp (TQC) family is so proud of you Helena. Another TQC-born queen, Fahmida Sultana Dima was hailed as the contest's most intelligent, bagging the Miss Intelligence Award. Other special awards are: Miss Friendship which went to Miss Macedona, Bisera Zejnelovic, Miss Rixos Sungate (a major sponsor award) was taken by Miss Pakistan, Dr. Shafaq Naseem and Miss Roberto Bravo (also a sponsor award), Miss Greece, Eugenia Amurskaya. 

Kudos to Adnan Seker and his team for staging a spectacular show!


 Reina Hispanoamericana joins The Queens' Camp

06 September 2022



Photo by (IG)

For the first time in pageantry, Germany is going to participate in Reina Hispanoamericana this coming 5 November in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. This South-american based beauty pageant promotes the Hispanic culture which makes it unique to the countries within South and Central America and former colonies of Spain such as the Philippines.  

Through one of The Queens' Camp model who was born to a Colombian mother, Germany received an invitation to participate in this year's edition. Geraldine Burger will carry the German flag and will compete for the first time in an international contest. However, Burger is not new to pageant industry. She has joined few national contests where she has gathered some experience. Burger lives in the beautiful city of Munich in the south of Germany and studies law. She speaks German and Spanish as mother tongue and English as a foreign language. 

The Queens' Camp has always been maintaining a good contact with the producer of Reina Hispanoamericana: Promociones Gloria. In 2018, the co-founder of The Queens' Camp, Nestor dela Cruz was in Santa Cruz to cover the pageant for a pageant magazine and returned the year after, but failed to pursue his mission due to political instability involving the Bolivian President, Evo Morales. The pageant in 2019 was then moved to February 2020, shortly before the Covid-19 pandemic made headlines all over the world.

Burger's time has come and The Queens' Camp is certain that she will make waves in Bolivia. Good luck Geraldine! 


The 13th edition of Miss Supranational has been concluded

15 July 2022



Photo by: Wojtek Masiolek

Lalela Mswane of South Africa was crowned Miss Supranational 2022 during the pageant's coronation night held at Nowy Sacz, Malopolska, Poland. Her royal court includes:

1st runner-up : Praewwanich Ruangthong (Thailand)

2nd runner-up: Nguyễn Hyunh Kim Duyên (Vietnam)

3rd runner-up: Adinda Creshella (Indonesia)

4th runner-up: Ismelys Velasquez (Venezuela)

Congratulations to South Africa, truly a well-deserved victory. And to the Miss Supranational Organisation for that eye-catching stage and stellar show. 



Miss Supranational Germany on German Television

22 June 2022





The Queens' Camp appoints new representative to Miss Supranational 2022

25 May 2022

A month before the world finals of Miss Supranational in Poland kicks off, Germany has to replace its original winner: Sabrina Binder. The former Miss Globe Germany, Jasmin Selberg will fly to Malopolska instead and now gets the chance to grab the first semifinals spot for Germany in the said contest. 

"Replacing a young woman who is so sweet, kind let alone highly intelligent is one of the hardest decision we ever had," said Nestor dela Cruz, The Queens' Camp's co-founder and Germany's National Director. According to dela Cruz, it was agreed that Binder will attend the national finals of Miss Supranational Germany this November to crown her successor. "We are certain that she will do very well in every thing she decides to do. It feels surreal not to see her on that stage but at the same time, my team and Binder know that her flourishing career should not be taken for granted."

Binder's replacement, Jasmin Selberg is not new in the pageant scene. Selberg placed in her very-first international contest (The Miss Globe 2021) and also bagged Social Media Award. In fact, she was supposed to compete in this year's Miss Universe Germany but due to unseen circumstances, she took the challenge to compete first in Miss Supranational 2022, and hopefully comes back to Miss Universe Germany the following year. 



We can't wait to see you once more on the world stage, Jasmin!



Miss Supranational 2022 launches today

25 April 2022



Gerhard Parzutka von Lipinski, President of the Miss and Mister Supranational Organisation announced today that the 13th Miss Supranational Competition and the 6th Mister Supranational Competition will return to the city of Nowy Sacz in the Malopolska region this June and July. 

"Lasy year, our contestants truly enjoyed the beauty of the spectacular landscapes of Malopolska in the summer as well as the warmth of the local people. During the Festival of Beauty, we enjoyed a variety of activities that we showed proudly to our global audience. We are planning even more exciting adventures this year. Once again, I would like to extend my gratitude to the President of the City, Ludomir Handzel, the city officials and the Marshal of Malopolska, Witold Kozlowski for inviting us to showcase the beauty of this special region in the summer. We are sure that our contestants will be enthusiastic ambassadors for Nowy Sacz and Malopolska," Parzutka von Lipinski said. 

"Right now, we are living in a time filled with great losses and huge sadness for many people in our neighbouring country, Ukraine. The Miss and Mister Supranational contestants will not let this go unnoticed. Each contestant will bring with them a special gift from their home country that will be auctioned. All proceeds will be donated to trusted organisations that provide aid and support  for the many people whose lives have been so terribly affected by this humanitarian crisis," he added. 

The Miss Supranational 2022 Final Show will be broadcasted from the Strzelecki Park Ampitheater on Friday, July 15th. Chanique Rabe from Namibia will pass on the title to her successor at the conclusion of the globally televised event. The Mister Supranational 2022 final will take place at the same venue on Saturday, July 16th. One of the contestants will be taking over the title from Peru's Varo Vargas at the end of the live show.



Miss Aura International ties up with The Queens' Camp

29 March 2022




Helena Bleicher, a student of English, Arts and Education at the University of Cologne will represent Germany in the Miss Aura International in Turkey this coming September. 

Helly, as called by her close friends and loved ones started modelling for a traditional German clothing when she was 15 years old. Bleicher has joined some regional and a national contest in Germany, before going to her very first international competition. Her hobbies include classical ballet, tennis, skiing and crafting. She loves to draw and sew clothes. She is very interested in fashion and arts and enjoys visiting museums at home with friends. Her passions lie with animal welfare and protecting the planet. She volunteered at an animal shelter at the very young age of seven and is a years long member of WWF Youth, Greenpeace Youth and PETA street team. 

But Helena is more than her looks, talent and kindness. She also studied at University College London (UCL) in the United Kingdom and University of South Alabama in the United States. Her mother tongue is German and she speaks English and French fluently. She aspires to spread awareness to the public as a pageant queen or as a teacher influencing the youth to protect planet earth.

Miss Aura International now joins the prestigious Miss Supranational and The Miss Globe in The Queens' Camp roster of beauty pageants. 

Helena, your The Queens' Camp family is certain that you will secure a very good placement in this year's edition of Miss Aura International. We've got your back!



Germany's New Queen for Miss Supranational 

07 January 2022



Sabrina Binder, a Cost Engineer from Munich was crowned in Berlin – Potsdamer Platz last January 7 as Germany’s representative to the 13th edition of Miss Supranational, which is set to take place in Poland this July. Sarah Bauroth of Naumburg and Jesslyn Schulz of Hamburg finished 1st and 2nd runner-ups respectively. Also crowned in the event was Sama Parajuli who will compete for The Miss Globe 2022.

The first German beauty contest of 2022 began with the SUPRA MODEL Competition by TAM URBANEK as the eight lovely delegates paraded in their cocktail and evening dresses. Geraldine Burger of Augsburg bagged the Supra Model Award. But prior to the coronation night, Miss Supranational Germany launched the SUPRA CHAT with DENISSE NICOLLE in their YouTube Channel (The Queens’ Camp) where all the contestants showcased their speaking abilities and this challenge was won by Anja-Kathrin Fenk of Regensburg.

The contestants sported the eye-catching swimwear during the SWIMSUIT Competition by Akqua Kotur and the evening dresses from various international designers such as Benj Leguiab IV, Joan Samar, Nel Claveria and Klevin Bartolaba.

Other special awards given that night and their winners are: Project Award won by Sarah Bauroth, Personality Award by Jesslyn Schulz, Social Media by Sama Parajuli, Style Award by Sabrina Binder, People's Choice by Fahmida Sultana Dima, Best in Swimsuit by Sama Parajuli and Best in Evening Gown by Geraldine Burger. 

It must be noted than many Germans have lost interests in beauty competitions as reflected in their placements in various international competitions in the recent past. This became more pronounced when Germany was absent in the 2020 edition of Miss Universe, which broke its exceptional record since the pageant’s inception.

“Through our competition, it gives us a spark of hope in this country where beauty competitions are considered as a second-class entertainment”, says Nestor dela Cruz, the national director of Miss Supranational Germany. “Our aim is to end this drought in Miss Supranational as no German candidate has penetrated the semifinals in its 12 years of existence”, he added.

Despite a soaring number of Covid-19 infections as brought by the Omicron variant, the organisers (The Queens Camp) managed to stage the very first edition of Miss Supranational Germany following the very strict government restrictions imposed by the German government. Only judges, glam team, selected photographers and videographers were privileged to attend the said event.

The Miss Supranational Germany 2022 event was hosted by Vanessa Brodt and Denisse Nicolle Ligpitan (Miss Supranational Germany 2021). Miss Supranational Germany is produced by The Queens’ Camp headed by Nestor dela Cruz with a huge support from Seventh Agency by Said Walid Haschemi. It is one of the first organisations to name its winners in 2022 and Germany’s first contest of the year.

Many thanks to Globalbeauties and Missosology for featuring us. 



To see some of the images from this event, click the Gallery Section here



 Supra Chat with Denisse Nicolle - Semifinal 1

19 December 2021



 Sabrina faces Sarah in the first Semifinal of Supra Chat with Denisse Nicolle. 



 Anja meets Ewa in the second Semifinal of Supra Chat with Denisse Nicolle. 



Congratulations Jasmin Selberg, The Miss Globe Germany 2021

06 November 2021

Miss Globe Germany 2021




Top 15 Placement and Social Media Award

To see Jasmin's photos during The Miss Globe in Albania, click here




Supra Chat with Denisse Nicolle launches today

31 October 2021



 Get to know our Group A of contestants: Sarah, Geraldine and Sama



 Get to know our Group B of contestants: Anja, Greta and Jesslyn



 Get to know our Group C of contestants: Dima, Ewa and Sabrina




The Miss Globe Germany 2021 visits the Albanian Embassy in Berlin

01 October 2021




Germany's representative to the upcoming The Miss Globe Beauty contest, Jasmin Selberg paid a visit to the Albanian Embassy in Berlin last 30 September 2021. The meeting was graced by Elinda Guri, Consul of the Albanian Embassy to Germany together with Kastriot Noli, the embassy's First Secretary. Also in the meeting as Germany's National Director, Nestor dela Cruz and two further embassy employees, Arben Vucaj and Eni Vucaj. 

The meeting was designed to obtain first-hand information about the host country (Albania) and city (Tirana). Moreover, Selberg aims to get more insider tips from the Albanian authorities prior to her departure to Tirana which is set on 21 October. A project between The Queens' Camp and The Albanian Embassy may also take place in the future, so stay tuned!.

Well done, Jasmin Selberg! The Albanian people will surely love you, as much as the staff of the Albanian Embassy in Berlin. 



The Queens' Camp partners with The Miss Globe

04 September 2021




The Queens' Camp proudly announces the acquisition of a second franchise, The Miss Globe! Run by Deliart Association which has its headquarters in Tirana,  The Miss Globe Organisation has awarded the German franchise to the start-up beauty camp, The Queens' Camp.

The Queens' Camp has handpicked one of its models. "We are more than glad to send one of our strongest model in the team to Albania this October. Germany is to be represented by Jasmin Selberg," says dela Cruz, the owner of The Queens' Camp. Selberg is a 22 year old student pursuing a Bachelor's degree in History and Philosophy at Ruhr University in Bochum. Apart from having a heart for animals, Selberg also enjoys riding horses in her free time. While this will be Selberg's very first beauty competition, she is getting ready to stand tall on the world stage. Her aim is to bring the second Miss Globe victory for Germany.




The Miss Globe now joins the prestigious Miss Supranational in The Queens' Camp roster of beauty pageants. Congratulations The Queens' Camp and good luck to the new Miss Globe Germany 2021, Jasmin Selberg. 



The 12th edition of Miss Supranational has been concluded

01 September 2021

Winners of Miss Supranational 2022




The gorgeous Chanique Rabe of Namibia won the coveted title of Miss Supranational 2021, which took place last 21 August in Nowy Sacz, in the Malopolska region of Poland. Puerto Rico's Karla Acevedo and South Africa's Thato Mosehle came in second and third respectively. Completing the winner's circle are Venezuela's Valentina Trivella and Dominican Republic's Eoanna Constanza

The show opened with some great Polish performers as the fifty-eight contestants from five continents dance in their ravishing jumpsuits. Prior to cutting the number of contestants to twenty-four, a dance number performance by the delegates were displayed on stage as they sported a white one-piece swimwear. 

Germany's very own, Denisse Nicolle Ligpitan was not selected for the Top 24. However, she delivered a solid performance all-throughout the competition, where she was even short-listed in some of the sub-competitions. Ligpitan placed second in her Supra Chat group, just behind the very strong Phidelia Mutunga of Kenya. Furthermore, she was included in the Top 10 of Supra Influencer. Her introduction video also became the second-most-watched video in Instagram. 



Second most-watch Introduction Video in Youtube
Second most-watch Introduction Video in Youtube
Ten Finalists for Influencer Award
Ten Finalists for Influencer Award




Thank you so much Denisse Nicolle, our Miss Supranational Germany 2021!

Go to our website's gallery by clicking here to see further photos of Denisse Nicolle during the two-week Miss Supranational competition in Malopolska, Poland. 



Miss Supranational Germany 2021 begins...

04 August 2021

Denisse Nicolle Ligpitan, Miss Supranational Germany 2021




The waiting has come to an end. Following almost a year of training and preparation, The Queens' Camp's Denisse Nicolle is set to represent Germany in the 12th edition of Miss Supranational in Malopolska, Poland from August 5 to 21. 

The road to the international stage would not be possible without the help of various people. 

Vielen Dank für eure Unterstützung! Many thanks for your support! Maraming salamat po sa inyong suporta!



 Miss Supranational Germany 2022 kicks off with its

Official Photoshoot by Ulrich Brothagen

30 July 2021




Nine aspirational and inspirational young women from all over Germany stayed in Berlin from 29-31 of July for Miss Supranational Germany 2022 Photoshoot which is sponsored by Ulrich Brothagen and organised by The Queens Camp (TQC). 

Following Denisse Nicolle's appointment last 14 February 2021 as Germany's representative to Miss Supranational 2021 World Finals in Poland, TQC has launched the search for them inaugural competition "Miss Supranational Germany". The start-up beauty camp partners with Berlin's renowned photographer, Ulrich Brothagen for the official photos of the candidates, which will soon be posted here and The Queen's Camp / Miss Supranational Germany's social media accounts. 

"It is a mammoth task to prepare Denisse Nicolle for the world finals in Poland while launching Miss Supranational Germany. But TQC's determination is greater than any challenge," said Nestor dela Cruz, Germany's National Director and the Founder of The Queens' Camp. "We should also not forget that starting a beauty empire in a country where pageants are second-class entertainment is the major hurdle we need to overcome as a team," dela Cruz added. 

Miss Supranational Germany is a contest of inclusivity, personality and beauty. The national finals is planned within the first quarter of 2022 and will be announced here in our website. 




Miss Supranational 2021 to be crowned this August

15 April 2021




Gerhard Parzutka von Lipinski, Preisen of the Miss and Mister Supranational Organisation, announced today that the Miss Supranational, Mister Supranational and Miss Polski 2021 competitions will take place from 20 - 22 August in Poland. 

"After doing several editions in December, we are extremely excited to reintroduce the beauty of the Polish summer to the world. We are looking forward to welcome the aspirational, inspirational young women and men from all over the world as they compete for the titles of Miss Supranational and Mister Supranational. The long days, warm temperatures and natural beauty of the region we will be showcasing will allow us to remind that Poland is a country worth visiting, " Parzutka von Lipinski said. 

"The health and safety of everyone involved has always been our number one priority. As local authorities are working tirelessly to control the pandemic in the country, we believe that we will be ready to ensure that our competitions can take place in safe conditions. Needless to say, we will still be working very closely with health officials and our license holders around the world to take all the necessary precautions," he continued. 

Antonnia Porsild from Thailand will crown the 12th Miss Supranational and Nate Crnkovich from the United States will pass on his title to the 5th Miss Supranational at the conclusion of each competition. 






Denisse Nicolle interviews Katrina Dimaranan

Miss Supranational 2018, 1st Runner-Up

20 March 2021








Denisse Nicolle Ligpitan is Miss Supranational Germany 2021

14 February 2021




 Congratulations and we wish you the very best in Poland!



Miss Supranational Germany launches virtually

31 January 2021

The wait is almost over. Germany will launch its official entry to Miss Supranational. Through The Queens' Camp's (TQC) YouTube Channel, the virtual launching is scheduled on 14 February 2021 at 12 PM (Central European) / 7 PM (Philippine) / 3 AM (Pacific Standard). The lucky woman is chosen by TQC from its pool of trainees. Who will this phenomenal woman be?

According to the Miss Supranational Germany's National Director: "We can't wait to showcase the product of or labour-intensive work. You are going to see a German organisation that truly cares for its contestants. February 14 is indeed Valentine's Day as we witness the coronation of a queen with a big heart, " says Nestor dela Cruz. The virtual event does not solely highlight the physical aspect of beauty contests, but its values and community project as well. Everyone will see a new dawn in German pageantry so mark your calendars!

Apart from the official sashing and coronation of Miss Supranational Germany, her official introduction video will be presented to the public for the first time. It was show in various places in Germany such as in the waters of Spreewald, mountainous Wernigerode and the city of Hamburg. The seven-minute video is probably the longest introduction video in pageantry, yet it is packed with powerful messages and presents Germany in a different light. 

"We aim to be a game-changer not just in Germany but internationally. Our videos put a considerable emphasis on tackling issues that are fundamental and ubiquitous," added dela Cruz

The Miss Supranational world finals is set to take place late this year in the beautiful country of Poland. Miss Supranational Germany is powered by The Queens' Camp



 YouTube Channel: The Queens' Camp

12PM (Central European) / 7PM (Philippine) / 3AM (Pacific Standard)




The United Queens' Series now available in YouTube

26. December 2020

As part of our rigorous preparation leading to the world competition in Poland, TQC partners with various German beauty queens who repressed the country in the recent past. The United Queens' Series aims to unite the pageant community. It launched in December 2020 through its German edition, as graced by two Miss Supranational Germany contestants (2015 and 2016) and Miss World Germany 2018. 

More than an exposure, it will train Germany's candidate to polish her communication skills and develop a personality more suitable for the world stage. Are you now curious? Simply click the videos below. 



 Johanna Acs, Miss Supranational Germany 2015 and also represented Germany in Miss Universe 2016.

Anja-Vanessa Peter, Miss Supranational Germany 2016 and a finalist in Binibining Pilipinas 2015 (Miss Philippines 2015).

Annabelle Keller, Miss World Germany 2018.



 The Queens' Camp partners with Miss Supranational 

02 October 2020




The Queens' Camp (TQC) has been awarded the German franchise of one of the world's biggest and most prestigious beauty pageant, Miss Supranational. This entitles the start-up beauty school the right to select the German representative to the Polish- based competition. 

Gerhard von Lipinski, the President and Owner of Miss Supranational Organisation together with Andre Sleigh, the organisation's Creative Director welcomed TQC's founder, Nestor dela Cruz as Germany's new National Director on 26 September 2020 in Sopot, Poland. Apart from awarding the license certificate, they talked about the trends in the pageant-industry and Germany's plan of holding a national contest in the future. Germany has not placed in the contest's 11 years of existence.

"Me together with The Queens' Camp consider this as our first major challenge in the pageant industry. It is our pleasure to give something back to the German society. Preparation is the key and that is exactly what we have been doing in the last six months," says dela Cruz

Part of TQC's rigorous preparation is a series of photo- and video shooting which started in July 2020. Moreover, Miss Supranational Germany has been receiving trainings on pasarela and Q&A. Germany's official bet will be announced during the Launching Event of Miss Supranational - Germany which is set to take place early next year. 



There are various ways to recommend The Queens' Camp / Miss Supranational Germany, The Miss Globe Germany,  Miss Aura Germany, Reina Hispanoamericana Alemania and The Miss Globe Austria to your family and friends if you are using a mobile device. Simply select your preferred medium below.